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Masterclass Description:

awaken u masterclass

The traditional awaken u masterclass course consists of eight weekday meetings in person in Barrie Ontario and virtual meetings between. The course includes a mix of presentations by Donald Carty, small group breakout sessions, Q and A and discussion sessions, short videos, feature films, participant presentations, and whole-group sharing circles that open and close the in-person modules.

Each masterclass course is unique; every time it’s offered, the participants create something new within it. What follows is a general outline of the weekly modules.

During this course we will also examine personal development and spiritual growth by exploring a wide variety of ways in which to change, grow, and achieve one’s creative potential. The focus is on the discovery of self and the authentic search for meaning in one’s own life through a collection of uplifting and sometimes spiritually challenging films. The class advances a multi-faceted approach to personal development and spiritual growth combining theory, personal experience, and self-reflection with the use of film, teaching, practice, hands-on activities, exercises, group discussions and experiential learning experiences.

Awaken u learning follows a pattern:

  • Exposure to a basic principle of the awaken u class
  • Discussion of that principle
  • Group discussions into how that principle applies in your life
  • Work during the week to practice that principle and journal
  • Group discussion and reflection
  • Next basic principle (and repeat)

Before your first session you will have some prework to do to help you get ready for the start of the class:

  • Personal essay
  • Five Expectations – Topics you would like to see covered in the program
  • Journaling
  • Reading

Method of Instruction:

Use of the storytelling power of Film to motivate, inspire, and educate participants. The awaken Cinema circle materials and recommended films lead to fascinating classes that participants will remember forever. Films engage participants to use their higher level thinking skills. The cognitive effect of film can be explained through recent theories of learning and creativity, which suggest that we have seven "intelligences". The more of these intelligences we access, the faster we learn because they employ different methods of information processing. Watching films can engage all seven of them: the logical (plot), the linguistic (dialogs), the visual-spatial (pictures, colors, symbols), the musical (sounds and music), the interpersonal (storytelling), the kinesthetic (moving), and the intra-psychic (inner guidance).


Divergent approaches to personal development and spiritual growth will be examined, from neuroscience, quantum and cognitive theories, to philosophical, intuitive and humanistic theories. Foremost, personal development and change is best understood with life application – therefore, in addition to looking at current research and theory, the class will have several “hands-on” components. You will participate in activities chosen to facilitate self-discovery and growth including: a creative presentation or paper, a mini vision quest with a written summary, and others. For the creative development portion of your learning during the course, you will keep an Inner Work Journal (private), you will delve into some aspect of your own personal development and journey, and create a short (three to eight minute) presentation for the class. (You may choose to write a paper in lieu of the presentation.) You will identify factors, situations and people in your life, which have promoted or inhibited positive change, and then share your analysis and insights. Your own imagination is your only limit – you may use video, music, art. Presentations are scheduled during the seventh week of the course. As individuals move closer in life to realizing their fullest potential there is often an increasing and spontaneous desire to serve others. To facilitate your own development in this area, you will have the opportunity to serve through social action, good deeds and other acts of kindness. An additional activity is the mini Vision Quest, an intensive quiet time away from your busy life, in which you will observe your own reactions to the signs and wisdom of the natural world.

Towards the course’s end, you will write about your reactions to these experiences.


At the conclusion of the course you will have acquired a basic cognitive and experiential understanding of how we can change and develop by examining and analyzing the ideas and theories presented and immersing yourself in personal development and spiritual growth practices. Most importantly, you will be able to identify factors in your own life that either promote or inhibit positive change. You will have used your creativity in exploring your chosen personal development topic in depth.

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Tentative Course Topic/Units and dates:

awaken u masterclass

After viewing the films there will be experiential exercises and discussion from the heart and soul that will provoke you to share from your core self, which connects you with your authenticity and allows you to really get to know each other with ease and grace.

This course provides a safe and open venue that cuts through the often-meaningless chitchat and exposes your true nature, which is real and refreshing.

Each masterclass course is unique; every time it’s offered, the participants create something new within it. What follows is a general outline of the weekly modules. The films shown below may not neccessarily be the ones shown.

Week 1: Introduction to the Course (a) “What the Bleep do We Know” tells the story of the journey of a stressed-out, divorced photographer from anxiety and depression to enlightenment and skillfully blends this story with footage from interviews of some of the world's leading scientists, philosophers and spiritual teachers to deliver a powerful message: you create your own reality through your thoughts and emotions, and therefore have the power to change your 'reality'

Week 2: “You can heal your life” this entertaining and inspirational movie shares penetrating insights on self esteem, abundance, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments. A number of luminaries in the field of self-help, philosophy, health, spirituality, and new thought come together, giving their take on success, happiness, and the myriad ways in which people can heal their own lives.

Week 3: “Living Deeply” the fruit of more than 30 years of investigation into the power and potential of human consciousness, this film brings what we know about how people achieve transformation off the mountain top, down from the ivory tower, out of the laboratory, and into your hands. In this film nine distinguished teachers of transformation, representing a range of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, will guide you through practices and exercises that will help you invite the power of transformation into your own life.

Week 4: Discussion (a) Tests, quizzes, exercises and activities follow up (b) mini Vision Quest

Week 5: “The Moses Code – The Movie” this film focuses on the power of “Soul Manifestation,” drawing upon our own innate spiritual ability to produce miracles everywhere we go. Some of the best-known spiritual teachers in the world offer tools that show us how we can apply the Moses Code to our lives. This is the foundation upon which the Law of Attraction is built. Many have focused on using this law to “get,” this film shows how to “give” from the soul, automatically attracting spiritual blessings.

Week 6: “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” in this film, Eddie, an amusement park maintenance man and war veteran, ends up in Heaven after an accident takes his life. There he meets five people from his past: Each shows him how he impacted their life or they his--and not always for the better.

Week 7: Individual Participants Presentations (a) stewardship

Week 8: “One... the movie” is a film about a contemporary journey towards a timeless destiny and weaves the novice film-makers' remarkable adventures with the answers to life's ultimate questions in a journey that just may transform your way of seeing the world as One. This film asks the big questions of life to people on the street and to many of the world's most renowned and respected spiritual leaders, authors, icons and celebrated masters.


The discussions serve as forums for discussing issues related to self-inquiry and self-definition. Members agree to support a sense of community amongst the other group members, and promote high Ethical standards. The object of the discussions is to help each person clarify contradictions, tracing them back to prides and fears that cloud our mental processes. One of the ways of doing this is a friendly mode of challenging, or confrontation, not of the person but of his or her assumptions, beliefs, values and ethics. A successful interchange relies on the cooperation of all participants and their willingness to "play the game." No one should preach or be subject to preaching. As much as is humanly possible we should try to:

  • Listen actively, without interrupting, maintaining a felt connection with the speaker.
  • Keep the focus on each participant in turn, avoiding the temptation to shift the attention to ourselves -- either out of a desire to rescue the person from tension or a desire to be the center of attention ourselves. When such a shift occurs, the facilitator or other participant should point it out.
  • Try to understand the speaker's point of view and challenge him or her to question their own thinking, not argue with them or try to sell our own views.

Because the discussions expected to take place among the group reflect each individual's insight into their own difficulties and aspirations for which they have been attending the course, it is imperative that content and context of this sharing of information remain within the group.

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Class Format:

awaken u masterclass

There will be eight sessions over an eight-week period. Six sessions are devoted to film, and discussion. One session will be used for experiential activities and exercises, and to undertake your mini Vision Quest. One other session will be for individual presentations and to practice stewardship activities.

Course Theme:

“Films are metaphors that can be utilized in a manner similar to stories, myths, jokes, fables, and narrative insights.”

Good stories have long been recognized as having far more value than mere entertainment. Throughout human history, stories have taught people valuable lessons about themselves and their culture, about their past, their present and even their future. Today, films are one of our most powerful storytelling methods, and some films have had important impacts, on individuals and on entire societies.

The movies you will view are full-length features, short films, and documentaries on mind-opening subjects. The films are about many different subjects, but they all share common elements: All our movies are carefully-chosen to provide genuine nourishment for the heart and soul, a much-needed nutrient at a time when more and more and more movies are violent, profane and devoid of meaning. These movies inspire wonder, insight, deep feeling and transcendence. Above all, they make you feel better about being a human being.


Personal Development Presentation: During this course you will develop a three to eight minute presentation on a topic regarding your own personal development and journey. On the 4th week, a one paragraph proposal is due outlining your presentation. Presentations will be scheduled during the second half of the course. You may opt to write a three eight page paper in lieu of the presentation. The paper is due: 6th week.

Jung Typology Test: Also known, as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality indicator designed to assist you in identifying significant personal attributes. This indicator will show that to learn about one's inborn traits will help create the opportunity to improve how you apply them in different contexts. In that sense, this examination can provide much personal development and growth. The MBTI is also a tool for self-discovery. You will complete this test during the first week of the course.

Quality of Life Index 100: This tool will give you insight into the areas of your life that may need your attention. This index will be completed within the second week of the course.

Inner work Journal: You will create this journal using a notebook or loose-leaf binder. Throughout this course you will use it to record insights, thoughts, questions and related issues, memories, and creative inspirations. You will also write a biography of yourself that will be due by week 6.

Working With Unfinished Business quiz, Everyday Wisdom Belief quiz and How Spiritual Are You quiz. These will be completed throughout the course and will be introspective in nature.

Affirmation Exercise: This tool will help you discover that your habitual ways of acting, feeling and thinking does have beneficial and constructive influence on your self-image. This exercise will be practiced throughout the weeks of the course.

Goal Card: By the end of this course you will have written down specifically what it is you want – One single goal clearly defined.

During this course, each of you will undertake a mini Vision Quest, which will last a minimum of two hours. Detailed instructions about this exercise will be provided in class. A two to four-page paper about your experience is due: 5th week.

A one to two-page paper discussing your in-class experiences, your stewardship activities, and your experiential activities and exercises, is due: 7th week. With at least one paragraph describing your emotional, physical, and mental reactions to the course material. Include an analysis of relevant material from lectures and reading assignments.

Class Evaluation: You will write a one-half to one page typed summary of your reactions to the class material as a whole: what you liked, learned, what you would change due: 7th week.


Your Personal Road Map for Success ISBN#1-4116-2125-5

The Art and Science of Change ID# 21995324

Reading Assignments:

Week 1: Your Personal Road Map for Success sections 1-3 and Week One Week 2: Your Personal Road Map for Success Week two-three Week 3: Your Personal Road Map for Success Week four-five Week 4: Your Personal Road Map for Success Week six-seven Week 5: Your Personal Road Map for Success Week eight-nine Week 6: Your Personal Road Map for Success Week ten-eleven Week 7: Your Personal Road Map for Success sections 15-17

Class Assignments:

· Quality of Life Index 100 due: Week two · Personal Inner Work Journal review due: Week two · Jung Typology Test due: Week 2 · Working with Unfinished Business due: Week 3 · How Spiritual Are You quiz and Everyday Wisdom Belief quiz due: Week 3 · Personal Development Presentation or Paper Proposal due: Week 4 · Personal Development Papers due: Week 6 · Vision Quest paper due: Week 7 · Personal Development Presentations due: Week 7 · Stewardship activities outline due: Week 7 · Goal Card and Affirmations due: Week 8 · Class evaluation paper due: Week 8


An average of three hours of learning effort per week is necessary for an average person to achieve an average result in the course. For example, a person that meets for three hours a week should expect to spend an additional three hours a week on coursework outside the classroom.

Persons with Disabilities:

Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to see me at the start of the course. Adaptation of methods, materials, or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation.

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