Donald Gordon Carty will provide you with the most practical cutting edge tools that allow you to breakthrough your fears, overcome your limiting beliefs, and harness your ultimate power, completely aligning you with who you want to be.

All of Donald’s programs combine innovative action-based learning with total immersion, giving you profound results quickly while providing positive lasting change.

By using everyday situations and guiding you through thought experiments and exercises, Donald Carty’s sessions are filled with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring messages, and visual aids. Donald does an excellent job of peeling back the layers and revealing the disconnects in much of our thinking, beliefs, desires, and choices--contradictory beliefs held at the same time with no apparent awareness. Once you have seen your own mind with the filtered lenses removed, it is impossible to remain the same. That is why so many have praised his work as being absolutely life-changing--not just an event--but a transformational experience!

Those who are touched by an inspirational idea and allow it to take charge and dominate their thoughts find new vistas open to them. The illuminating effect of Donald Carty’s awaken contains a catalyst that has motivated and guided men and women throughout the ages, and can serve as a source of inspiration as you listen, contemplate and experience. The cumulative effect represents the words and experience of poets, prophets, writers, and gurus who express one common knowing, that being that "all things are One." - K.C Atlanta GA, USA

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